Arabica Green Coffee beans Messico Washed Montana Maya - 1 Kg

Arabica Green Coffee beans Messico Washed Montana Maya - 1 Kg

Arabica Green Coffee beans Messico Washed Montana Maya - 1 Kg
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We offer green coffee beans in their most natural form, sourced from the same high-quality plantations that we have selected for our roasted Arabica coffee beans. Each Monorigine green coffee offers a unique profile in terms of taste, organoleptic properties, and health benefits.

Green coffee is unroasted coffee, made up of raw beans. Unlike traditional coffee, green coffee has a milder taste and a light green color. It is appreciated for its health properties, due to its high content of antioxidants like chlorogenic acid. Generally used for infusions or alternative beverages to traditional coffee, green coffee is known for its potential metabolic benefits and its milder stimulating effect compared to roasted coffee.


Preparing green coffee is simple: just crush the beans in a mortar or use a grinder with robust blades to achieve a fine granular consistency. Then, add hot, but not boiling, water (ideal is 80°C) and let it steep for a few minutes before straining it.

The properties of green coffee and the main differences with classic coffee

Our green coffee is of the same quality as the coffee we offer as roasted, a 100% Arabica Monorigine of exceptional quality. This means it's raw coffee, which is why the bean isn't dark brown but green, just like the natural seeds.
However, color isn't the only difference between classic coffee, which we consume daily, and green coffee. The roasting process changes many of the bean's properties.

The first and most notable difference is the amount (and even the "quality") of caffeine contained, which is lower in green coffee compared to roasted coffee, and it also differs in the form in which this caffeine is presented: in green coffee, the caffeine is bound to chlorogenic acid (a powerful antioxidant) forming chlorogenate. This chemical characteristic results in a much slower absorption by the mucous membranes and a longer presence in the bloodstream. Essentially, when drinking a shot of classic coffee, the blood caffeine peak is reached in about half an hour and dissipates quickly. However, with green coffee, absorption is much slower, so the blood caffeine peak is not as high, but it stays in the bloodstream much longer, leading to a longer-lasting caffeine effect.

Another difference is the amount of polyphenols in raw beans, which is higher compared to roasted coffee, because the roasting process reduces these active ingredients, especially tannic acid and ferulic acid.
The same applies to vitamins (primarily B-group vitamins) and minerals, which are present in greater quantities in green coffee.

The last difference, but not the least important, is the pH, or the acidity/basicity level of a food: unprocessed green coffee has a pH around 5, while roasted coffee has a pH between 3 and 3.5, which means the pH of green coffee is much closer to neutrality (which equals 7), resulting in less damaging effects on the gastric mucosa.

The benefits associated with the consumption of raw green coffee

Scientific studies have shown that green coffee provides many benefits without causing the various side effects of consuming large doses of caffeine, such as tachycardia, hypertension, or anxiety attacks. Below are the main benefits associated with green coffee consumption.

Fat Metabolism
Green coffee contains molecules called methylxanthines, which have a lipolytic action, meaning they help release adipocytes (cells containing lipids) from fatty acids. In other words, they are true "fat-burning" molecules. However, these liberated fatty acids need to be metabolized by the body, and to do this, it's essential to pair with aerobic physical activity to metabolize these substances optimally. Otherwise, the body will return the fatty acids back into the adipocytes, negating the lipolytic action of green coffee.

Blood Sugar Control
Green coffee helps control blood sugar levels through two different mechanisms. Chlorogenic acid, which is present in large quantities in green coffee, inhibits a key enzyme in the blood sugar regulation process (glucose-6-phosphatase), reducing the process of converting glycogen into glucose in the liver. The second mechanism involves green coffee directly affecting the intestinal mucosa cells, inhibiting the intestinal absorption of sugars with a direct action, and a lower absorption ultimately translates into a lower blood glucose level. For these reasons, green coffee is an excellent supplement for people with diabetes or conditions related to altered blood sugar levels.

Antioxidant Action
Green coffee is an antioxidant four times more powerful than green tea, thanks to its chlorogenic acid content. It neutralizes free radicals in the body, preventing cell degeneration and the development of chronic diseases like cancer.

Anti-Inflammatory Action
Chlorogenic acid is metabolized and transformed in the intestine into caffeic acid, a molecule with strong anti-inflammatory activity. This function helps prevent the onset of many diseases and certain cancers.

Weight Loss Effect
The active principles contained in green coffee extracts are very useful when consumed as part of a low-calorie diet aimed at weight loss.

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