Arabica Green Coffee beans El Salvador Primium - 250 g

Arabica Green Coffee beans El Salvador Primium - 250 g

Arabica Green Coffee beans El Salvador Primium - 250 g
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We finally decided , due to the great demand of our customers, to offer our green coffee in its natural state ( ie in the form of seeds) from the same plantations we selected the highest quality arabica that we use for the sale of roasted coffee beans .
The preparation with these seeds is still relatively simple as you just crush the seeds in a mortar or use a type of grinder with robust blades to grind into fine granules. Finally, add hot water but not boiling (80 ° C is the ideal temperature) and then filter after a few minutes of infusion ..
Each of our single origin green coffee , will have its own unique characteristics and distinctive both in taste and its organoleptic properties , which for the benefits to their health (see notes below) .
The image , here inserted, faithfully represents this type of single-origin coffee .
The properties of green coffee and the main differences with the classic.
Our green coffee is obviously the same quality of coffee that we sell as toast, excellent quality 100% Arabica between single origins proposed by us : so raw coffee , or unroasted , and it is for this reason that does not have the characteristic dark brown but is green , as are the seeds loi natural.
The color is not the only difference between the classic coffee , present in our daily diet , and green coffee ; the roasting process , in fact, change many properties of the seed.
First of all is definitely the difference amount (but also the "quality" ) of caffeine , less than the roasted coffee , as well as the shape is also different in that this caffeine is presented : in green coffee , in fact, caffeine is not free , but linked to chlorogenic acid ( a powerful antioxidant ) with which it forms the clorogenato , by this chemical characteristic it derives a much slower absorption by the mucous membranes and a residence time in the blood stream much longer .
In practice, taking a cup of coffee classic , peak blood levels of the value of caffeine takes about half an hour and that amount is eliminated in a short time , taking on instead green coffee , the absorption is much slower , so you do not reach peaks very high blood caffeine ( which remains in the circulation for much longer and this translates into an action of caffeine that lasts longer ) .
Another difference is the amount of polyphenols strong , contained in the raw seeds which is greater than that contained in the roasted coffee , as the roasting process causes a decrease of these active ingredients , especially tannic acid and ferulic acid .
The same holds true for vitamins (mainly B vitamins ) and minerals , which are present in greater amounts in green coffee.
Difference Last , but not least , is the pH or the value of acidity / basicity of a food : green coffee not worked has a pH value around 5 while the pH of the coffee beans is between 3 and 3.5 , of Consequently the value of the green coffee is much closer to the
neutrality ( which is equivalent to 7) , and from this it follows a less detrimental effect on the gastric mucosa .
The 4 benefits related to the recruitment of raw green coffee .
These are the results of recent studies that have shown that coffee intake as many benefits , but without cause various side effects from taking large doses of caffeine such as tachycardia , hypertension or anxiety attacks.
In particular, the 4 main benefits connected with the recruitment of green coffee :
Metabolism of fats :
green coffee possesses molecules , the methyl- xanthines , which have a lipolytic action , that is, have the function of freeing the adipocytes ( cells that contain lipids ) from the fatty acids ; in other words, are real molecules " fat-burning"; however, these fatty acids released must be metabolized by the body , and to do this it is essential to associate a physical activity aerobics that metabolize the most of these substances , if not, in fact , the body will bring the fatty acids back into adipocyte , thwarting the lipolytic action of green coffee .
Control of Blood Glucose :
by controlling the levels of blood sugar through two different mechanisms . The chlorogenic acid , contained in large quantities in green coffee inhibits a key enzyme of the process of control of blood sugar (glucose 6-phosphatase ) reducing the transformation process of glycogen to glucose that occurs in the liver . In the second control mechanism green coffee acts directly on the cells of the intestinal mucosa , inhibits the intestinal absorption of sugars with a direct action and, in practice , a lower absorption results in a lower value of blood glucose. For these reasons, the green coffee is a great supplement for people with diabetes or diseases related to altered levels of blood sugar.
Antioxidant action :
The green coffee is an antioxidant 4 times more potent than green tea, thanks to the presence of chlorogenic acid . In fact, it neutralizes free radicals in the human body , counteracting cell degeneration and the development of chronic diseases such as cancer.
Anti-inflammatory action :
Chlorogenic acid is metabolized in the gut and converted into caffeic acid, a molecule with strong anti-inflammatory activity ; This feature helps to combat the onset of many diseases and certain cancers .
Slimming effect :
The preference of the drink , however, is stored mostly in women due to slimming . In particular , the active principles
contained in extracts of green coffee are very useful when taken as part of a reduced calorie diet time to loss of body weight.

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